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From its founding in 1893, The Heads and Principals Association (formerly the Headmasters Association) was intended to be a unique amalgam of the different kinds of secondary schools that have served the nation: urban, rural and suburban, public and private, day and boarding. Of all the qualities of our Association, no doubt comradeship comes at the top. In his 1932 welcome, Frederick Winsor of Middlesex expressed this spirit: "For nearly thirty years its meetings have been an annual inspiration to me, not always what I gained from its formal discussions, but always from the renewed sense of the glory of the work in which we are all engaged, and always from the deepest respect which I gain here for the quality of my fellow workers in the vineyard.

Don Werner and Edward T. Hall, The Headmasters Association, Antrim House, 2012

Marble Surface
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Red Wall & Stairs

Next Annual Conference: February 5-7, 2025

Washington Duke Inn, Durham, NC

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